MARCH 2018
My Threadless Artist Shop!

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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

The Wanderers Time Lapse

Wandering Luminations Time Lapse

MARCH 2012
Merry Karnowsky Opening


Shanghai Swatch Event

Guru Galleria event in Mexico City!

MAY 2011
Bunny In The Moon - The Art of Tara McPherson Volume III

APRIL 2011
Cotton Candy Machine and MTV

Oh hai!

Time lapse video of 'Safety Of Water'

SDCC, Graphika Manila and Vinyl on Vinyl in The Philippines

JULY 2010
San Diego Comic Con!
Speaking at OFFF in Paris

JUNE 2010
June Update

MAY 2010
LOST Poster
Art Basel Miami 2009

APRIL 2010
Crack-A-Thon GWAR Interview
Offset Dublin

MARCH 2010
Party with the pants?

Hipster Puppies

My new Hello Kitty tattoo
Dr. Sketchy's NYC

Buff Monster and I paint together

Dragon Con!!
Baby Tattooville
Australia and Semi-Permanent

Brazil Tour - Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Tour - Belo Horizonte and Curitiba
Brazil Tour - Porto Alegre
Brazil Tour - São Paulo
Sketch Theatre Drawing at SDCC

JULY 2009
San Diego Comic Con - Part 2
San Diego Comic Con - Part 1
Europe book tour week six
Europe book tour week five
Europe book tour week four

JUNE 2009
Europe book tour week three
Europe book tour week two
How Choque makes a poster.
Europe book tour week one!

MAY 2009
My First Tattoo
USA Signing Tour
Choe, Jean and McPherson pretend band
Jupiter on the Couch

APRIL 2009
Biggest trip ever!
TV on the plane.
Philly, Motorcycles and a Birthday.

MARCH 2009
SXSW Flatstock 2009!!
Online Coloring Game
18 Color Serigraph!
Working on a new website...

 The USA tour went amazing! I got to meet so many awesome people, and see old friends. The toys look beyond amazing, and I'm so proud of the new book! Here are some of my fav pics from the trip! I did loose my camera battery at a hotel along the way, so I didnt get to take as many pics as I wanted, but fortunately the Kidrobot staff was on hand to take lots of cool pics for me!

Setting up the sculptures for the installation at the Kidrobot NYC store.

We got unpack a case of the new toys while we were setting up! Weee!

This kid was amazing! He looks just like George!

Lots of awesome toys!

I dont have any pics yet from the Newbury Comics signing, but they sure have a lot of parking signs in Boston. The Newbury kids took me out afterwards for some dancing and we all had lots of fun.

Mr. Wiggles strikes again...

Signing at Rotofugi in Chicago. Such and amazing turnout there! My flight was delayed and I went straight from the airport to the store where all were waiting patiently. Thanks!!

Next day at "The Bean" in Chicago before going to Art Institute to see awesome paintings.

Then I went to Kuma's for a metal burger at the suggestion of my friend Jay Ryan that makes awesome posters. That was a damn fine burger, they have pretzel dough buns. MMMMMM!!!!

Next stop was Diesel Fuel Prints in Portland! This was great because they publish all my posters, and Dark Horse is there, and family and friends. I always have a blast in Portland.

Some of the Dark Horse crew! I love them.

SF Kidrobot

Chillin with Jesse Hernandez. Word.

Draw draw draw!

Sweet new tattoo at the LA Kidrobot.

I got to see some old old friends that came out too. Fieron Santos!!

These kids were super cute. The little boy basically interviewed me for like 10 minutes asking the most intelligent questions. He blew me away! He is a 40 year trapped in the body of a 8 year old.

Then it was off to Miami Kidrobot!

Lots of of rad people.

Another new tattoo, and I signed it at the store. I wonder if he got the signature tattooed?

Then it was time for a couple days of relaxation South Beach style! Man they have some nice water there. Really fun swimming!

Then it was off to Toronto for the Signing at Magic Pony's new art gallery Narwhal! I had a bit of trouble getting across the Canadian border though. For a little blip on my record from 8 years ago! They said I cant go back to Canada until 2014. Damn son!! Well we made the most of it! The Magic Pony people are sooooo rad! And they took me to lots of fun things and good Poutine. Mmmmm.

Narwhal art show and signing.

Mr. Wiggles in Toronto.

BIBULOUSNESS? Only in a Canadian Chinatown.

Then it was home to beautiful NYC for 2 quick days before I headed out to ATP in England... but that's another adventure...