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The adventures continue with my arrival in Zürich! Where I got picked up at the airport by a collector of mine, Alfonso Siegrist, who is one of the owners of basically every cool ass bar and music venue in Zürich.

Landing in pretty pretty Zürich, but I was bummed cause it was cloudy and I didnt get to see the Alps like the first time I flew into there, but I felt their presence!

Wierdest airline logo EVER. These were on all the planes big as billboards. Flies? Really?

I went straight to dinner with our friend Martin from Celtic Frost, his girlfriend, Lurker who organized the Zürich signing, and Alfonso.

This only a tiny part of Alfonso's collection. Miss Van, Sylvia Ji, Camille Rose Garcia, and one of my new peices from Choque Cultural.

Then it was off to Perla Mode to set up the show. Lurker had a really cool idea to make real Mr. Wiggle balloons!! Here's the bag full of deflated lil dudes.

I stuffed a bunch of them in my purse so I can make adventure photos now! What would Mr. Wiggles do?

Amazing flowers... anyone know what they're called?

And then it begins! Party time excellent!

Two awesome chicks!

After we closed down... I love this old dude.

Me with the sound guy and Randy, the singer from Lamb of God at one of Alfonso's bars. At the signing some of the stage crew guys from Lamb of God came in, they had a day off there and had no idea I was having the event. It was held in the red light district where all the bars are, so they were just cruisin around and stumbled upon it. So later on we rocked it for a lil bit! Rad. I love randomness.

Nice and Easy... that's his style.

I love Europe.

Kick ass moped!

Then it was off to Rome for the signing at Dorothy Circus Gallery. Heres a cool wall piece by Koralie in front.

I'm ready to go! Let the people in!

This is part of the owner of Dorothy Circus's house, loads of paintings hanging everywhere... Travis Louis, Esao Andrews, me, and on the back wall are Marion Peck and Mark Ryden (a few prints and an original  of his too). The rest of the house had Miss Van, Jonathan Viner and more...Nice!

Then  it was out with my friend Karen who used to work for the gallery for some fun adventures. We ended up going to see some bands play at this bar that was right next to the Vatican. It's just crazy to think you're so close to the Pope! Oh if he only knew...

Then we ran across some Italian military guards and they let me take a picture with them. I guess normally they're real assholes, but for some reason they liked me... heh...Those are some big guns. Yeah!

Best name ever.

Then I got asked to do a live painting at one the museums in Rome, The National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo. It actually connects with a bridge from The Vatican, and the Pope used to flee back and forth from the Castle and the Vatican in times of danger. Hey Pope... how's it goin... say hi to your mother for me.

Getting to the terrace of the Museum...

The view!!! I was about to pee my pants at this moment in awe of what I was asked to do. It was just breathtaking.

Here's the DJ setting up for the evenings festivities. Thats Vatician City and St. Peter's in the background.

I feel valiant! Note my Wolves in the Throne Room shirt...

Setting up.

Painting painting!

All these awesome photos are by Alberto Molinari

With Julie Kogler who curated the event and Alexandra Mazzanti from Dorothy Circus.

I can't believe I painted this in 4 hours! When I saw the size of the canvas they brought me I was a bit daunted, as I dont paint that fast! But it worked out totally perfect, it's nice to be challenged with a time constraint to see what you can accomplish.

There were a lot of people there throughout the evening, but there were some fans in particular that stayed from the very very beginning to the very very end, they were super awesome and I just want to say a big thanks to them!!