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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

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Bunny In The Moon - The Art of Tara McPherson Volume III

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Working on a new website...

BARCELONA, BARCELONA, BARCELONA, (that's supposed to make you magically go back there right??) Well needless to say it's an amazing city, full of amazing people

Here are the new works on paper i did for the exhibition, it was fun working freer and faster. I painted all of these while traveling the past month. A little here, a little there in each city.

Here's a full view of Iguapop Gallery who hosted the exhibition and signing. This economy is quite scary right now, so I was a bit nervous. But everything sold out before the opening even started, yay!! 3 paintings, 3 drawings, and 6 paintings on paper. Unfortunately I was a flake and was distracted and I didnt take any photos of the opening night... anyone have any please email me! But this show was really fun and all the people that came were fantastic... saw a lot of old friends there!

Here's Pepa Prieto from Madrid setting up her installation. She had the gallery in the second space and her work was waaay cool. Wish we had hung out even more.

Then it was beach time! The week prior was so much work finishing everything for the show, half in Rome and half in Barcelona. I still even had 2 days of work to do on one of the oil paintings before the opening (shhhh...dont tell anyone it was wet at the show).

I love lamp.

Then my friends in Mastodon came into town with some days off around their show, so we hung tough. Here's Darren, who's Troy's little brother, and is their main tech guy. We all got lost trying to find Miss Vans birthday party up on Montjuïc. But as always when you wander, it's an adventure!

So we stopped to take some made in Barcelona pics! Por qué no?

Then we stumbled upon this amazing bar that served their shots in chilled glasses in a rack, and they just set the bottles of whatever you asked for on the bar, and you basically make your own party. The guy didnt give a fuck! Funnest thing, but dangerous...

I love that Darren got tucked into bed.

Then it was off to the Forum the next afternoon to see some metal metal mania! Here's the dudes warming up backstage.

And let the rock begin! Mastodon!

The next band was Down, which are members of Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, EyeHateGod, and Pantera. I had never heard them before but it was super rad.

Brent, Lael and me sidestage watching Down.

Then it was time for Slipknot... I have to say I dont like them, BUT I had to stay to watch the drums go upside down.

Almost time for Metallica!! Me Bill Kelliher and Lael waiting for the magic!

Watching Metallica from the VIP above the sound booth. Best freaking spot ever to see a band like that!!

Hangin afterwards deciding what to do....

...swimming in the ocean behind the forum!! Was super rad and warm!

Cool art by Ian Stevenson in the house of the gallery director of Iguapop.

Then the next night I hung out with Miss Van and went to a fun BBQ on a rooftop.

Then we took a cat for walk!

Coolest cat...

My friend Jordan's awesome neck tattoo.

Then the next morning Miss Van had to bury a pigeon that decided to take 4 days to slowly die on her tiny balcony. She made a little coffin with tissue paper for it in preperation.

So we walked over the the modern art museum, she brought the headstone she made for it, and we put it to sleep forever surrounded by art and love...