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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

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Oh baby please, back in Rio Rio Rio!!! I have such love for this beautiful city, it's mountainous geography, and the people. It was the last city of the tour, and with how busy the prior week was in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba I was happy to know I was going to be in one place for 2 whole weeks.

Rio started off awesome with meeting Simone, who had a hand exactly like my Futureheads poster! It was like I made it for her unbeknownst! And it's so sublte you dont even really notice her missing finger.

We all went to have some food and cocktails at Bar Meza in Botafogo, and the bartender made a drink I'd like to try to recreate here in NYC... with flaming Absinthe and a very tricky recipe that involves vaporizing it. I think I'll mess it up a few times, but I'll have to try it out.

Here we are with another concoction. Matias Maxx (Brazilian tour manager), Marcella Sobral (Writer for Globo magazine), the awesome bartender, Marco (Canastra), Julia, and me! Saúde!

Marcella, the two blondies (as my new Rio nickname was bestowed upon me by the other blondie), and Simone.

Oh the beach, the beach! This time in Rio I stayed in Leblon, which is just on the other side of Ipanema. Sweet area.

Then it was time for the signing at Cucaracha in Ipanema!

Despite the on and off rain showers, there was an awesome turnout!


The upstairs mini gallery.

Out front.

Matias big pimpin with the ladies! The brunettes, and the blondies!!

Believe it or not, Brazil has some AMAZING pizza. Quite similar in the ingredients, but the differences in the dough, veggies and cheese they use... make it soooooo goood.

Then what do you need after pizza? A cart full of beer of course!

And they have heart seat covers!

Then I was feeling feisty with the boxing gloves, and Matias got knocked the fuck out!

Posing with my hostess with the mostess, Marcella.

It was Matias' birthday 2 days after the signing... just enought time to recouperate, and to have an adventure at another party! Here is the ghetto churrasco grill. Still tasted just as good.

My buddy Melissa!

My crazy friends... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Here is Cristo looking ominous. 'Christ The Redeemer' is 39 meters tall! (130 feet!!) You can see him from almost all over central Rio.

Now for some good food dishes from Meza... this had to be my fav, not really Brazilian, but awesome nonetheless. Lightly coated shrimp, with BLOODY MARY DIPPING SAUCE. Oh man... feel free to try this at home kids. Its an awesome combo.

Now this one looks like a dessert right? Wrong! It's Caldo de Feijao, a traditional Brazilian black bean soup. Delish.

Back at Meza (We went there like 5 times, ok? So what.) With my Rio peeps, with... wait... what? More fancy shots? Yep!

One afternoon I was invited to the atelier of the famous abstract Brazilian artist Carlos Vergara. He is in Santa Teresa, which is the main artist neighborhood in Rio. It's waaaay up high on the mountain right near Cristo. Here is one of his paintings. He said the process of this was from when his windows blew out from a big storm, so he went in and sprinkled charcoal all over the glass shards, then took a huge peice of canvas coated in glue, and made a monoprint of it.

With abstract works, for me personally, the beauty is in the explanation. Here are some larger peices.

Some photo based works of his.

This is an impression just like he made with the glass, except this was a crematorium.

View of the favela's from his balcony. These were 'nicer' favelas... i've never seen such a big group of them painted all the same color.

Here I am with Carlos at our lunch. He had just gotten burned on the stove, and said that it was his only 'tattoo'.

Marcella, me, Carlos, a friend, and Fabio Battistella (chef and owner of Meza).

Another unbelievable treat! Candied figs from the south of Brazil with Requeijão (theee most yummiest creamiest softest cheese in the world) I hope I can find it NYC. I will try.

Here we are at my first live sporting game ever! I got taken to the Fluminence vs Flamengo home game. Both were Rio teams, so it was intense! And so much fun! I want to go to more Soccer games.

Here is Marcella's heart shaped ear. Adorable.

This is a billboard of my graffiti artist friend Speto, and they were ALL OVER Brazil!! Kind of looks like real picture of him painting no?

The last weekend in Brazil I got asked to DJ an Indie rock night at Casa de Matriz. This was really super fun!!

People dancin'...

We stayed up all night and went straight to the beach. You know how we do it!  And stayed there all day. Perfect!

The vendors that walk up and down the beach sell all kinds of stuff, but this is the basic Brazilian beach snack. Kind of weird tasting, but you get used to it. Like a salty puffy rice cracker but better.

Then to end the Brazilian adventure, another beautiful picture of Cristo. Just hangin out, no big deal. Oh Brazil... how I'lll miss you!!!!