MARCH 2018
My Threadless Artist Shop!

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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

The Wanderers Time Lapse

Wandering Luminations Time Lapse

MARCH 2012
Merry Karnowsky Opening


Shanghai Swatch Event

Guru Galleria event in Mexico City!

MAY 2011
Bunny In The Moon - The Art of Tara McPherson Volume III

APRIL 2011
Cotton Candy Machine and MTV

Oh hai!

Time lapse video of 'Safety Of Water'

SDCC, Graphika Manila and Vinyl on Vinyl in The Philippines

JULY 2010
San Diego Comic Con!
Speaking at OFFF in Paris

JUNE 2010
June Update

MAY 2010
LOST Poster
Art Basel Miami 2009

APRIL 2010
Crack-A-Thon GWAR Interview
Offset Dublin

MARCH 2010
Party with the pants?

Hipster Puppies

My new Hello Kitty tattoo
Dr. Sketchy's NYC

Buff Monster and I paint together

Dragon Con!!
Baby Tattooville
Australia and Semi-Permanent

Brazil Tour - Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Tour - Belo Horizonte and Curitiba
Brazil Tour - Porto Alegre
Brazil Tour - São Paulo
Sketch Theatre Drawing at SDCC

JULY 2009
San Diego Comic Con - Part 2
San Diego Comic Con - Part 1
Europe book tour week six
Europe book tour week five
Europe book tour week four

JUNE 2009
Europe book tour week three
Europe book tour week two
How Choque makes a poster.
Europe book tour week one!

MAY 2009
My First Tattoo
USA Signing Tour
Choe, Jean and McPherson pretend band
Jupiter on the Couch

APRIL 2009
Biggest trip ever!
TV on the plane.
Philly, Motorcycles and a Birthday.

MARCH 2009
SXSW Flatstock 2009!!
Online Coloring Game
18 Color Serigraph!
Working on a new website...

Super fun site for random awesome images people have found on the internet. And good inspiration if you're looking for some. Ffffound!


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June Event Update!

Hello everyone! I've been hard at work on the beginnings of my solo show for the end of October at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. It's such an exciting time as I'm working on new subject matter for this and delving into new territory! But I've had some time to do some new fun things that I'll tell you about below.

Also something that I need to make a comment about to begin this update, I have noticed that my most recent posters' subject matter have been dealing a lot with the way I think we are wrongly treating our planet. To be honest most of humanity is completely disgusting to me with their complete disregard for our surroundings and the manner in which we treat each other. I feel helpless about it sometimes, but I TRY do what I can in the choices I make in my purchases, the way I live my life, and hopefully most effectively, what I am saying with my art with these new pieces. I feel I need to help in whatever way I can, so I will be donating a portion of the sales of the Liars and High on Fire posters to charities I believe will provide the most direct help possible to the dire environmental situations we are in.

High On Fire Poster

Now with extra pinky gooeyness!

6 Color Silkscreen
17" x 23"
Edition of 300

These will be released this Thursday, June 10th at 3 PM EST.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


A portion of the proceeds of this poster will be donated to Oceana, and The Audobon Society who is working directly to aid birds and habitat affected by the Gulf Oil Spill.

Liars Poster

Jellyfish and space helmets, oh my! My new Liars poster also goes on sale this Thursday.  Limited to only 100!

6 Color Silkscreen
17" x 23"
Edition of 100

These will be released this Thursday, June 10th at 3 PM EST.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


A portion of the proceeds of this poster will be donated to Oceana, and The Audobon Society who is working directly to aid birds and habitat affected by the Gulf Oil Spill.

Faith No More Poster

I'm very proud to announce my Faith No More poster. This will ONLY be available at the show and on the next morning.

The on sale time at Secret Serpents will be July 3, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST.

MORE INFO: Secret Serpents


LOST Poster

Here is my contribution to the LOST poster series by Damon Carlton and a PolarBear. I got given the scene where Jin and Sun die together in the submarine. Even though Jin can save himself, he makes the ultimate sacrifice and stays with his beloved, drowning in the water... til death do they part. I wanted this image to be really emotional and heartfelt, showing their tenderness and love for one another, but also showing the the moment of death as they slip away into unconsciousness forever. I'm very happy with the way this turned out!

This print is a 6 Color Silkscreen and is 18" x 24" and is $50. The print can also be hung any orientation which I wanted to do to add to the weightlessness of the characters. Though I did have to pick one side to sign and number them :)

You can purchase the poster here.

DRAW: Mexico City

The amazing and humongous DRAW exhibition continues to tour the world with the next stop being in Mexico City! The drawing for my LIARS poster is the one I chose to include in this next exhibition. Please contact Fuse Gallery for details on purchasing the drawing.

June 19-Aug 15th, 2010
Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico
30 Pino Suárez, Juarez, DIF 06600 Mexico

Curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey
(I will not be in attendance)

MORE INFO: Fuse Gallery

OFFF Paris 2010

I will be a speaker at OFFF in Paris, along with artists like Wooster Collective, Keith Scholfield, and many more.

I will be giving my lecture on Friday, June 25 at 11:30 am. 

OFFF International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture
June 24 - June 26, 2010

La Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, France


Carandente Museum in Spoleto

Curated by Alexandra Mazzanti of Dorothy Circus Gallery and in collaboration with Jonathan LeVine Gallery, a major exhibition at the Carandente Museum in Spoleto, Italy during "Spoleto Festival dei due Mondi".

Joe Sorren, Alex Gross, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, Camille Rosew Garcia, Esao Andrews, Jeff Soto, Gary Baseman, Travis Louie, Adam Wallacavage, Ray Caesar, James Jean, Tim Biskup, myself and more...

June 26th to October 15th, 2010
Opening reception is on June 26th and I will be in attendance.

MORE INFO: Festival Spoleto

Other Stuff

• You too can help in the effort to ban offshore drilling by signing the petition at Oceana.

• Comic Con is just around the corner, and I will have some biiiiig news to announce and some new releases that you can be the first to get!!

• Vegan cupcakes are just the best. Way better tasting then regular ones for some reason. Which I have no problem eating as well.

• Rats are scary.

• The Big Business record, Mind the Drift that features the new Japanese guitarist is so retardedly fantastic.