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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

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Finally geting to the fun pics that I took at Dragon Con from September. I got flown in as the Guest of Honor (I even got a plaque for that believe it or not, and got to have dinner next to Leonard Nemoy and William Shatner!)

First of all this event is just crazy. So many people dressed up, so much fun had, so much booze everywhere. IT WAS AWESOME.

Here we have an awesome group shot of some of my favorite peeps! Mike Mignola, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Jeremy Atkins, Thom Trainor, a lady, Shannon Stewart, a dude, and Billy Messina.

The Dragon Con booklet cover that I did.

Awesome-O!!! I have to say this was one of my fav's. Downright simple and silly. Perfect.

David Mack did a drawing of me dancing. Maybe I DO look retarded dancing? I like to think not though... I'm just doin' the robot.

Bootleg sticker of my art someone showed me...

Then I stopped by my friend Brent from Mastodons house, and he has my Ace and Ion toys sitting on his organ. Cute!

I've been into taking photos of other peoples photos. Here is a crazy rooster my friend took a photo of in Hawaii. Ol' crazy eye!

This is the view looking up in one of the hotels. It's like a whale's ribcage. Or as Ron Burgundy would say... A whale's vagina.

My booth!

Sweet Addam's Family posse.


Then I found the best costume everrrrr!!! This girl spent like 2 months making this outfit from my Lost Constellations painting! Soooooo rad. Sooooo soooo sooo rad.


Juan (ex Torche guitarist) came to hang out.

Bro'in down with my bro Eric Powell.

Me and Debbie gettin some Chewie lovin!

Warriors Cookie Monster!

Hi Ross!

Best lil guy in the whole thing.

Super D Chewie.

Uh oh!

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark...


Popetine! Ha!

Didnt really want an uncomfortably long hug...

Sean and a butt!

Me and Sarah and a wiener in a cup!

Arial view of the maddness...

Another photo of a photo. Get your mind out of the gutter! It's a cut on a hand!

Reno 911!

This Bumblebee costume was all legit.

Lemon Out!!

Nothin more awesome than a chicken dance to offset the horrible drum circle that was happening in the other room...

Sexy trooper time...

This is true,.

Ridin dirty!

Met a girl at the bar we were hanging at that had one of my pieces tattoed on her. Awesome randomness.

Then it was off to the aquarium for some relaxing underwater time to wind down from the con. Beluga whales!

Oh hi!

Lil buddies.

He eats things.

These guys don't travel much.

Baby Cthulhu.

Elegance with the Jellyfish... ahhhh.....

I was invited as a unofficial guest to come hang out at the third annual Baby Tattooville event held in Riverside California at the amazing Mission Inn. A historical landmark building from 1903.

It felt like I time traveled back to early Cali.

Travis Louie found a massive chip.

Chillin' with Mike Hussar. He was one of my favorite instructors in college, and one who really taught me how to paint. Love this guy.

Some collaborative drawings for the attendees.

This one is me and Molly Crabapple.

This great Mexican restaurant had the craziest outdoor chachki garden. I like this little guy.

Then we were off to the gallery for an art show of all the official guests. Here I am with Buff Monster and Travis.

Amanda Visell is soooo tall!

Amazing piece at the gallery by James Gurney. Old school style illuatrator, so painterly.

Nighttime view... ahhhh.

That's my room at the top right! Wild!

Then the peeps start on the big collaborative painting! Here's Molly and Buff.

Someone's got his flippy-floppies...

Me and Greg Simpkins.

More workin kids.

El finito!

Then it was time to celebrate. Amanda jumped in head first into bartending and throwing ice cubes down my top.

Then we had an intense Scavenger Hunt! It was pretty hard, but fun. Here is the end table with all of our clues and loot we found.

With the lovely Liz Grimley. Martini time!

Here's one of the nights in Mike's pimped out room. Nice placement!

Best booze cap ever.

With the lovely Audrey Kawasaki. This girl is all kinds of awesome.

Lithium Picnic doing a sexy time photo shoot.

Jills pasty. Quite nice!

Mike drawing a model.

My quick head study of her.
And then the event was over with bang! This was my second Baby Tattooville, and it was awesome as ever. Especially getting more time to hang out with people and just chat and draw was really fun. Such a cool environment.

Then I went to my Dad's house the next day and found this old pastel drawing my Great Aunt did of my brother and I when we were babies. Awww.

And here's my baby brother's new tattoo! Smart kid eh?! ;)

Directly after Baby Tattooville I was back on the plane to head over to a massive event in Melbourne and Perth, Australia called Semi-Permenent. They had speakers like Jeff Soto, Vince Frost, Grafik Magazine, Industrial Light & Magic, Keith Schofield, and Timba Smits.

Talk about some major jetlag! That was crazy. Since I was flying in from LA, the first flight was only 15 hours. But on the way back, going all the way from Perth back to NYC... well that definitely set a new record for me... 30 hours. Yep. Wow.

So after settling in I went to check out Outre Gallery where Jeff Soto and I were going to have a signing together. After doing so many of them it's really kinda nice to sit with someone else.

They had a show up with Angelique Houtkamp while we were there. Much respect to the watercolors. I went to her opening to meet her and say hello, her and her friends were total sweethearts.

Also up was Chris Conn, who really just blows me away. Fantastic work.

Here is Angelique and her friend Floor who take's all of her pin up photos. Floor was rad.

Then it was off to the Melbourne Exhibition Center to speak!! I was on the first day so it was nice to be able to get it over with right away.

Here is a shot of the auditorium. I couldnt even fit it all in one picture! There were 1500 attendee's to this event... that set another new record for me.

Oddly enough, 150 people or 1500 doesnt matter. It went really smooth, and was really fun to speak to all those people. I've gotten over the nervousness now and can enjoy the moment. Who would have thought!?!

Then they held a big afterparty for the speakers and guests, where we all got to mingle and talk. Here are some sweetie's that wanted some Mr. Wiggle lovin.

Then this girl who used to work at Outre Gallery, gave me this badass badass ring. Damn son!!! Panther action.

Then I had some time to go to the Aquarium (of course!) They had some really nice Jellyfish. They were exceptionally otherworldly here... I feel like this one is floating across Europa.

Coming in for landing!


This was the most active Octopus I have ever seen, he was cruisin.

Then I got taken out for some nighttime adventures in Melbourne.

All the cool bars are down dirty little alleys.

Lots of grafitti.

This bar had a real grass bar. I couldn't believe it actually was growing. Thats gotta be some drunk ass grass up in there.

I had some work to do in my hotel room. Here is my setup.

Then I was off to Perth for round 2 of Semi-Permenent. I got taken to the cemetary to see some Roos! Was pretty cool to see them just hopping around there.

The main thing I was excited about in Perth was going to Bon Scotts grave. Here is a statue of him near the cemetary.

Then we found it! Australians say it's the proper way to end an adventure in their country. Travel west til Perth then have a beer with Bon. So I did! With my new favorite beer Coopers. Mmmmmmm.

The entrance...

This is Matty. Matty, was the driver for the event and was freakin awesome. All the speakers had left already so he just drove me around all day long, looking at cool things.


A Dingo really didnt eat the baby... Matty told me.

They don't have Burger King, they have Hungry Jacks.

But they do have Burger Rings.

I have been into black swans lately, and I finally saw them in person! That was really exciting.

Then it was time to leave Oz... off to the airport again.

I had a long enough layover in Sydney to actually leave the airport for a couple hours, so I headed downtown to the botanical gardens. Here is a weird sculpture on the way.

HUGE bats in the gardens...

This is a real Wishing Tree. In earlier times people believed that certain trees contained spirits and that you could make a wish by touching the trees or by walking around them three times forward then three times backward.

This thing was right next to the gardens.

It was cool seeing wild Cockatoos all over Australia. Only thing I missed seeing in it's natural habitat were the Koalas...