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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

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I arrived in Berlin and was up bright and early the next morning for a trip to the aquarium... one of my favorite places to visit. The Berlin Aquarium had the widest range of jellyfish I've ever seen in one place... so cool! I hear they are very hard creatures to take care of, so I was really happy to meet them all.

I got stung by a jellyfish when I was 5 in Mexico, so I've had a love/fear relationship with them for my whole life. But you have to respect that beauty, fierceness and fragility all in one. Such amazing creatures!

They also remind me of how the macro mimics the micro- space and the deap sea, galaxies and colliding atoms, and who knows... aliens and jellyfish??

Then it was upstairs to the reptiles, and we actually caught them right at feeding time! The glass was open and we were just standing like 3 feet from them.

Crazy bowl of dead mice.... just then a group of pre-schoolers walked up and watched the rest of the feeding with us. I guess you have to learn about life and death at some point eh?

Then I was off to my friend's gallery Bongoût where they were exhibiting Gregory Jacobsen. Pretty crazy and awesome artwork.

Anna working at the Bongoût Atelier with awesome wallpaper.

Then it out for some fun with artist Maria Toyko, and Anna & Meeloo who run Bongoût together.

Then I found a lifesized foam DeLorean in a gallery right down the street. Sweet! Look out Doc!

Here I am at Modern Graphics doin my thang...

I love the rad kids that show up and actually PLAY with the toys... this little guy had a whole lot of em!

Here I am with the Modern Graphics crew and my old friend Texas Terri from LA that showed up. I painted her a long time ago...

Always time for sharpie lovins!!

Then Texas Terri showed us her cock that's hung below her knee. Yeow!

Then i was off to Vienna, and right after landing I went over to my friend Fefe Talavera's exhibition on the Street Art Passage in the Museums Quartier. She has the piece above the elevator and right next to it an awesome Space Invader tiled wall.

Super crazy awesome 2 days with 4 events... fun fun!

The next was the signing at Inoperable, Vienna's only street art gallery.

Tattoo/poster artist Foerdl vogueing.

After the book signing at Inoperable we walked over to the toy shop Sixxa where I did the Gamma Mutant Space Friends signing. (You can see my new back tattoo Chris O'Donnell just finished... helping me become friends with Jellyfish again)

At the Sixxa shop!

Then i went to Bratislava in Slovakia the next day for some fun times with the guys from Happy Needles Tattoo. Crazy times at crazy places that I cant show you photo's of...


Then back in Vienna, right next to the Leopolds Museum that has the largest Egon Schiele collection, I found a cool fresco painted by Stephane Blanquet. Vienna is such a great city for supporting artists!

The last night in Veinna I hung out while my friend Rafael tattooed Fefe's husband, artist Remed. Rock and roll!!!


Why is everyone so awesome?! The past week has been filled with adventure after adventure... and a jam packed one with 4 cities in one week! I left London on the Eurostar and was off to Paris...

The view from my hotel was pretty cool. And I have to say this was my best trip to Paris yet. I got to meet up with artist Ciou and have a nice beer and dinner the first afternoon.

Also got to see my former intern Lynn and her new pup Johnny! We ate at a great new spot called Chez Jeannette. Yum yum! Of course I had a steak and frites!

I had a free afternoon before the siging and since I've been to all the art museums already I decided to go to the Jardins de Plantes. This place is huuuge, but here is one of the walkways around the center.

At The Musee de Paleontologie... such awesome bones!

Then I found a butt on a tree!

Inside the Museum d'Historie Naturelle...

I felt like a baby Gazelle...

This reminded me of Adam Wallacavage's sculptures!

Big mushrooms...

Tiny mushrooms! I'm going to use these in a painting soon...

Then it was off to the signing at Artoyz!

After the signing who showed up but my bro Tristan Eaton (creator of the Dunny) who was in town for some painting in Versaille. Here is the whole bunch of us rockin it.

Then it was off to Düsseldorf on the Thalys! 300 km/hour... even the phone poles were bending!

Here are 2 awesome girls that came to Flatstock last year to see me, and then came up to the signing at Slowboy.

I even signed a scooter!

Then I was off to Münster for the first time... here is a cute hillside town along the way. Also, an interesting fact about Münster... they have wild bunnies everywhere... in the parks, in the lawns, day and night, just bunnies everywhere!

The FB69 Gallery framed and hung up all the posters. It was one of the coolest turnouts for such a small city!

Here are the 2 cutest girls that were the first ones there when I arrived at the gallery.

Then is was back to work signing die Buchs. (Fun work though :)

Mustache fingers for everyone!

Here are the 2 main churches in Münster...

And the strangest Modernist stained glass windows I have ever seen??

Bikes bikes bikes!

Here is a painting I thought was really awesome at FB69 from Alejandra Lunik from Buenos Aires

Then i was off to Hamburg to Feinkunst Krüger where I got to see lots of old friends. And here's some real talent at the Hasenschaukel, my favorite bunny bar in Hamburg.

And another amazing sunrise to begin more adventures to...


Got an awesome email from my pals over at Choque Cultural Gallery in Sao Paulo with photos of the promo poster for my next show there called 'We Will Rock You' featuring tons and tons of silkscreened rock posters and art prints.

This exhibition will be the first stop in my 5 city Brazilian book signing tour in August, including Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janiero.

This is done on a very cool traditional letterpress. Neato!

Also here is a really cool video of them making a poster...


Well the tour is off and running with a bang! Oh speaking of bang... I had the best Bangers and Bubble and Squeak at S&M Cafe in London. Mmmmm Bubble and Squeak. It's just the best name ever anyways!

Well except for forgetting my camera battery AND charger in a hotel somewhere on the USA tour, I did pretty good with taking pics. Bought a new one in London, and was on it again!

Having High Tea in London with friends. Yum! very English...

Half shark alligator-half man in Islington

The set up at Forbidden Planet in London. So much Stuff!! Including the new Click for Art merch! Pillows and canvas prints!

Signing the big ass canvas print. So rad looking!

Then after my signing it was off to see some friends at their opening... Supreme Broship with Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell at London Miles Gallery.

Some fingery goodness with Lou from Forbidden Planet

These are the 3 peices I bought of Scott. C's work. Yay! I'm slowly building my original art collection with cute and creepy goodness...

Hannging with artist Phil Corbett and friend.

My boy Jim!

Then it was off to Cro bar for the afterparty! Here's me with the lovely bartender Ben.

Then the drawing ensued! Of course! Hide the Sharpies if you dont want to get done up...

Just killin it... no big deal...

Scott contemplating joining in...

Tina, director of London Miles Gallery, get's a good one!

Lou's metal face

Then it was up to Manchester for the Signing at Richard Goodall Gallery. Saw lots of new tattoo's! The signing went super cool there! So jam packed for hours!

Then we walked over to the Goodall's other gallery space and checked out some work they had there. These peices by  Scott Radke were especially sweet!

After the signing I got swooped up by the Clutter Magazine kids for some fancy cocktails. If you havent checked out thier kick ass magazine, do it now. Toys galore! But anyways the menu had art on it from my friend Andrew Bawidaman... but somehow I think they stole it and he doesnt know about it... sometimes ya can't do anything about it in other countries. Someone in Korea right now is bootlegging my art on socks.... C'est la vie...

Mmmmmmm..... and there was porn in bathrooom! But it was only in the men's room though, so we had to resort to going in there for our entertainment.

Clutter girls! Mah favs! Kirsty and Mazzle Dazzle

Mike and friend from Thunder Chunky, and Nick from Clutter.

Me and art wall.

This is Manchester at 10.30pm!!!! I couldnt believe how late it stayed light out. Amazing. I felt like I was at the freakin Arctic Circle or something.

So there you have it! Week one, England. Sweeeet.