MARCH 2018
My Threadless Artist Shop!

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My Threadless Artist Shop!!

The Wanderers Time Lapse

Wandering Luminations Time Lapse

MARCH 2012
Merry Karnowsky Opening


Shanghai Swatch Event

Guru Galleria event in Mexico City!

MAY 2011
Bunny In The Moon - The Art of Tara McPherson Volume III

APRIL 2011
Cotton Candy Machine and MTV

Oh hai!

Time lapse video of 'Safety Of Water'

SDCC, Graphika Manila and Vinyl on Vinyl in The Philippines

JULY 2010
San Diego Comic Con!
Speaking at OFFF in Paris

JUNE 2010
June Update

MAY 2010
LOST Poster
Art Basel Miami 2009

APRIL 2010
Crack-A-Thon GWAR Interview
Offset Dublin

MARCH 2010
Party with the pants?

Hipster Puppies

My new Hello Kitty tattoo
Dr. Sketchy's NYC

Buff Monster and I paint together

Dragon Con!!
Baby Tattooville
Australia and Semi-Permanent

Brazil Tour - Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Tour - Belo Horizonte and Curitiba
Brazil Tour - Porto Alegre
Brazil Tour - São Paulo
Sketch Theatre Drawing at SDCC

JULY 2009
San Diego Comic Con - Part 2
San Diego Comic Con - Part 1
Europe book tour week six
Europe book tour week five
Europe book tour week four

JUNE 2009
Europe book tour week three
Europe book tour week two
How Choque makes a poster.
Europe book tour week one!

MAY 2009
My First Tattoo
USA Signing Tour
Choe, Jean and McPherson pretend band
Jupiter on the Couch

APRIL 2009
Biggest trip ever!
TV on the plane.
Philly, Motorcycles and a Birthday.

MARCH 2009
SXSW Flatstock 2009!!
Online Coloring Game
18 Color Serigraph!
Working on a new website...

How rock'a'rific!! This years Flatstock at SXSW was even bigger and better than ever. So many great people there. I wanna say especially to the fans that I got to meet... why are you all so cool!!! Even though the crowds were jam packed everyone was so respectful. Which was refreshing! I bought a pretty neat new camera and was able to get some really cool band shots too! What an extra great time this year...

Here's the poster I did for the cover for the Flatstock booklet...
Valient Thorr played and killed it in the Emo's Annex tent!!

Priestess came on next and was equally rad...

Saw These arms are Snakes at Red Eye Fly, what a performer!!

These Arms again...

Then to a crazy afterparty where we met bologna man!! YEAH!!!

The next day found another of my pieces from Vertigo tattooed on this woman. Rad.

My number one fan Roxy!! She gave me coloring pages that she filled in and everything! These next 3 awesome photos by Sarah Q.

Roxy and her brother and their new tattoos...

Just killin it... no big deal...

Some more awesome parties... with my friends... Jessi (Jessi's Metals), i guy i forget, and Mike Stewart an owner of Beauty Bar.

Dogs like to drive in Austin too!

Jessi and my roommate April (who does music PR) at The Fader tent.

Can you tell I'm soooo haaaappy to have good Mexican food!! Growing up in LA makes you spoiled when you live in NYC.

My favorite new band Wolves in The Throne Room!! They're like an american version of Enslaved.

The ladies the ladies! Jessi, and my booth helper Bridgette.

With friends Drew and Brian to see Wavves! Fun kids on stage... I dont even think they were old enough to drink at their own show!

I stole these next photos from Drew, but they're too good to pass up! Monster time!


We got these masks in Peru!

Hanging with Justin Giarla of White Walls Gallery and Bridgette. Gettin a lil sassy!

So sad to go... Bye bye Austin until next year!!

Dark Horse sent me a link to this online coloring game they made for you. Pretty crafty!! They make the coolest promo things. Anyways, check it out! Have funs... You can draw then print your page!

Tara McPherson Online Coloring Game


Even though this is a sold out print I think its very important to show the process of making an 18 color art print. This was done at The Decoder Ring Design Concern in Austin, Texas in March of 2007 with the help of Geoff Peveto and Paul Fucik.

This took 5 days to print, it is an edition of 100 and is titled "The Idealization of Asymmetrical Thought".

working on the first films

first colors

first screen

test print of the keyplate

first 2 colors

3rd color printed

doin stuff

test print

layer 1

layer 2

layer 3

layer 4

cutting rubylith

final product

painting in the shadows directly on the film

layer 5

layer 6

transparent varnish on the blues in layer 7

silver on layer 8

mixing inks

registering with vellum


layer 9

layer 10

texas champagne

some working pics

inking, you can see my color mock up on the laptop

more inking

quick dry

pretty pink

burning the screen

wash out

layer 11

layer 12

screen used for a really subtle highlight on layer 13

mixing the white

adding oxide (the secret mixing ingredient in my whites!)

layer 13

layer 14

more mixin

layer 15, gold to green split fountain

layer 16, super transparent pink just on the cheeks

setting up the keyplate

keyplate screen

painting the original drawing for a gallery show

layer 17 and 18, final line art, then a varnish on top of the line art


Special thanks to The Decoder Ring guys for making it such an amazing experience! Geoff Peveto and Paul Fucik, you guys rule.


Check out my studio! This Guillotine site features lots of cool artists studios. A very cool idea to see where the magic happens!

WORKING ON A NEW WEBSITE... a whole lotta work! Unreal! But I've had so much help from my super awesome assistant Sara Antoinette Martin. You guys should go check out her work at Sara-Land!

At this point tonight the site wont be live but it will in the next week, and I'm soooo happy. We have put so much work into making this. 

Its 2.30am, and I'm almost ready to go home.... almost. Gonna work for a tiny bit more as usual.

Hope everyone enjoys the site, all the info on here, all the new art, and my new foray into blogging! I promise to do at least 1 post a week if not more... I'll be doing alot of travels this summer promoting the new book and toys, so there will be lots of adventures to report on! Yay!