You Are Strong
Seven Color Screenprint with Gold flake Ink on Speckletone True White 100# Paper
18" x 24"
Edition of 100

 I was assigned the song ‘Why Go’ by Pearl Jam for my art print in this series with Collectionzz. After reading the lyrics I was taken with the character's strength in fighting the system and the status quo. I feel she is an icon of strength, and I wanted to illustrate her independent spirit. I see parallels with scratching letters into walls with tattooing words across your chest. There is this alternate universe hinted at through the heart shaped hole in her chest, creating a sort of portal to an alternate dimension, maybe where one’s mind would go when trapped in an isolated place. I also chose Planned Parenthood as my charity because they fight the good fight for women's health and reproductive rights. The title is a reminder, a mantra, for women everywhere going through any rough spot that life throws at you... YOU ARE STRONG. All of Collectionzz profits from the sale of 'You Are Strong' will be donated to the charity Planned Parenthood.

You Are Strong Pink Hair Variant
7 Color Screenprint
Edition of 30
Signed and Numbered

You Are Strong Pink Hair Holographic
6 Color Screenprint
Edition of 10
Signed and Numbered