The Bunny in the Moon
Oil on Linen, Stretched Over Panel
40" x 30"

The event that inspired the the title of this painting as well as the theme of the 'Bunny in the Moon' show, and the first time I was struck with the realization of the huge diversity in social perspectives, was while I was in Japan having a dinner with some new friends. We somehow began discussing the moon and I mentioned the man in the moon. My japanese friend looked at me with this quizzical face and said "A man in the moon? You mean the bunny in the moon don't you?". My face lit up at the notion that when we all look at the moon people in Japan see a bunny! The legend, in a nutshell, is about the bunny that sacrificed his life to feed a starving man that was actually a deity in disguise. In homage to the selflessness the bunny showed, the diety made his ashes fly up to the moon so all could remember his image and act for ages to come. So in revisiting and evolving that myth, this image is about this legend and how the the ultimate sacrifice of a life and death can be equated to love, to give yourself to someone so completely and selflessly. And will they love you back? Will they write you a love letter on the blank piece of paper over your heart, or will they use it as a target and stab you like an executioner?