Safety of Water
Oil on Linen, Stretched Over Panel
60" x 48"

This painting is about finding safety in an isolated place amidst chaos. The myth originates from an ancient Greek didactic text, The Epiphanius, where the elephants when preparing to mate would ingest the Mandrake root. When ready to give birth the elephant would find safety from their enemies by entering a small body of water. The Kappa riding the elephant, having a pool of water in his head, becomes frozen if the water spills. They need the water to survive and flourish. The elephant as the all mighty vehicle has taken the Kappa and the two women, a mother and daughter, to the pool to escape those who are chasing them. The fabric of the seat on the elephant is adorned with Mandrake flowers. They find safety in this mystical liquid place, a lake that is a fountain of never ending water streaming down like a round waterfall.

Watch a time lapse of the painting being created here.